Our Refund Policy

The shopper has the right to cancel a purchase within seven days of the transaction, or seven days of receipt of the goods/product (which ever is the longer). If the shopper does cancel an order, they will have their payment returned in line with prevailing EU regulations, by requesting a refund and stating their reason for such via email to admin@charisventures.co.uk. The email should include as a minimum, Date of order, date of receipt of goods/service, name and address of shopper.

Sealed data carriers, such as DVDs, which have been unsealed upon receipt. And online digital content, where have started downloading or streaming is already in progress or completed are excluded from the terms of this policy.

If the shopper is based outside of the EU we do not accept returns, local regulations may well apply and you should contact your local department of trade and commerce or a lawyer to find out what they are.