Public and third sector and their suppliers​

The public sector consistently remains under pressure to demonstrate accountability for tax payer's money spent in keeping  the department's working and setting an example in such moral and ethical dimensions as sustainable and ethical sourcing of goods and services and of course environmental and health and safety concerns. Suppliers to the public sector are usually held up to these same requirements and values; there is no better way to demonstrate your organization's commitment to these values than through an independently assessed certification to the relevant standard.

See text of presentation by our consultant on benefits of selling to the public sector at a  recent business networking event.

ISO9001- Quality
ISO14001- Environment

ISO9001 certification is the symbol of a 'Quality' organisation. It provides a framework for organisations to have a plan for consistently achieving quality, improving processes and satisfying the customer. A well implemented ISO9001 system establishes a culture throughout the organisation that focusses on improvement, reducing variation and encouraging participation.

OHSAS18001- Occupational health and Safety

Products and services and their related  supply chain leave an impact on the environment. Responsible organisations manage their processes to reduce their organisation's carbon footprint. ISO14001 certification is the leading way for an organisation to demonstrate environmental controls and responsiveness. Let stakeholders know you are are responsible and sustainable business.

ISO14001 and demonstration of environmental arrangements is increasingly being requested in public sector  tenders processes.

Public Sector Tenders Support

We assert that the public sector is one of the BEST customers an organisation can have; because the public sector procurement process is designed to be fair and payment is required to be made at within a 30 day period. BUT this applies only when you are the DIRECT CONTRACTOR, not a sub contractor. Look through a brief presentation on how ISO9001 can assist SME's chances of success in public sector tenders.


Our mission is to assist businesses in the North West to become the PRIMARY CONTRACTORS and enjoy the benefits of working with the public sector. We have a dedicated service that support SME's in identifying and preparing tender applications to provide the best chances of success.





Work related accidents and illnesses continue to be a challenge. Bad press related to failures in occupational health and safety is the worst night mare of a public funded organisation or organisations linked to their supply chain.


OHSAS18001 gives a framework for effectively managing occupational Health and Safety risks and certification to this standard gives assurance that your hazards have been effective assessed, the risks controlled and a system is in place for managing and continually measuring and improving health and Safety performance.

See our consultant's presentation at an event marking the World Day on occupational Health and Safety.