"Many organisations are unaware that an ISO document, ISO10019:2005 provides a guide and framework for the selection of quality management systems consultants and the use of their services, our consultancy services is structured on this document"-

'Yemi Shodipo CMS Principal Consultant

Does your organisation need to achieve certification to a management system standard?

Whether your organisation has by itself identified the need for the implementation of a management systems standard for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety or Food Safety; or the requirment has been placed on you by current or potential customers; the implementation of management systems is our core competence at Charis.

We will assist your organisation in implementing the relevant standard and support you through the certification process. Certification need not be about sweat and tears, neither should your audit day be a dreaded one, our expertise will enable your organisation to gain confidence in it's operation's continued capability to meet the requirements of the relevant standard you subscribe to.

Consultants and Associates whose competence is determined by the ISO 10019:2005 standard will assist your organisation in implementing the systems- so you know what you are getting when you work with us.

Please visit the practise areas page to see details of the consulting services Charis Management Systems is positioned to support your organisation in.


Inherent in every management systems standard lies the opportunity to positively optimise parts or the whole of an organisation for quality performance. Embedding this change is fundamental to the Charis approach