OHSAS18001:2008- Occupational Health and Safety
ISO9001:2008- Quality

Manufacturers and their suppliers need to improve products, innovate in product development, optimise their processes and demonstrated controls of their risks to remain competetive and maintain being the supplier of choice in their chosen markets. Charis' expertise supports manufacturers in the North West to achieve and demonstrate technical competence, a focus of results and an organisational culture that gives confidence to their customers whereever they are in the world.

ISO9001 certification is the symbol of a 'Quality' organisation. It provides a framework for manufacturers to have a plan for consistently achieving quality, improving processes and satisfying the customer. A well implemented ISO9001 system establishes a culture throughout the organisation that focusses on improvement, reducing variation and encouraging participation.


In manufacturing environments, with the functioning of equipment, movement of personnel, use of numerous facilities and tools- safety hazards abound. Some organisations ignore these hazards, some deal with them individually; but OHSAS18001 gives a framework for effectively managing occupational Health and Safety risks. See our consultant's presentation on the World Day for Occupational Health and Safety 2013

Microgeneration of renewable energy is an integral part of the future of energy supply as we reduce reliance on fossil fuels and other non sustainable forms of energy. Manufacturers of microgeneration units such as solar PV, solar thermal, small and micro wind turbine, heat pumps and biomass systems; can demonstrate the quality of their operations and products by certification to MCS standards. MCS standards are internationally recognised and backed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. See press release of our ongoing project with Salford University Solar Research and Manufacturing facility.






Manufacturing activities and its supply chain leave an impact on the environment. Responsible organisations manage their processes to reduce theirorganisation's carbon footprint. ISO14001 certiofication is the leading way for a manufacturer to demonstrate envoironmental controls and responsiveness. Let stakeholders know you are are responsible and sustainable business.

MCS- Microgeneration  Scheme
ISO14001:2004- Environment

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