We can help with maintaining your certification/accreditation

Depending on the unique circumstances and the context of the particular organisation we can make use of a range of consultancy interventions or a mixture of them to assist organisations clients meet the requirements of their management systems standards and any related certifications.


A range of scenarios could bring about this need eg.


Scenario 1- A senior Manager/Director who has been responsible for managing the system, might need to focus on other areas of the business for a limited or extended time period


Scenario 2- A challenging technical/management systems situation arises where in house resources are not knowledgeable or positioned to deal with for example in the event that a major non conformity against the system is raised by a certification body, or transition is required to a newer version of standards


Scenario 3- Interim resource cover in the temporary or long term absence of SHEQ managers.

Scenario 4- The quality personnel in place is still in development and experienced guiding hands are required to support the system and develop the personnel

Using a combination of skills which could involve internal auditing, mentoring, hands on consultancy, interim management, in-house training among others, we are able to support SME's.

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