The food industry is part of a very complex supply chain. With the average manufactured food having ingredients that could have been sourced from any part of the world, the requirement for food safety controls, that is verifiable along the supply chain is an absolute necessity. Third party certification to the relevant food safety standard to your organisation is a primary way of demonstrating to players in the food chain that you have systems and controls in place to warrant them doing any kind of business with you.

FSSC22000 is a food safety certification scheme specifically designed for food manufacturers. Based on the requirements of ISO22000 with further specific requirements for Prerequisite Programmes for manufacturing as laid down in ISO/TS22002-1. If you are a food manufacturer and your market is not primarily supplying to the leading UK retailers, this might be the standard for you. This standard is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)




The British Retail Consortium is the body representing the UK's major retailers. In 1998 it established it's own standards for food safety, these standards have been regularly reviewed. Being certified to BRC standard is a basic requirement for supplying to the UK and some of Europe's leading retailers. This standard is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is the most popular food safety manufacturing standard in the UK food industry.

BRC Global Standards

Food Industry and Suppliers to the Food Industry

This is the ISO's flagship standard for food safety. It is applicable to manuafcaturers, caterers, packaging suppliers, primary production, transportation and logistics, retail and service suppliers to the food industry. It's structure is based on specified HACCP requirements, Prerequisite Programmes (specific to the organisation's role in the food chain) and the management systems requirements of ISO9001, hence its applicability across board.

If you need to demonstrate to the food supply chain that you  are able to be a player in it ISO22000 certification could be for you!

HACCP is not in itself a standard. It is a risk assessment methodology for identifying an organisation's food safety risks and putting in place the controls required to manage the risks. All the other standards mentioned in this page have HACCP at their core.  HACCP certification may be relevant to you if you are a small business or if the product or service you provide is not  primarily for the food industry but you are keen to demonstrate its suitability for food industry uses. See Charis documents HACCP for dummies and HACCP case study-Astley Hire