Our consultancy advise and support is focused on positioning small and medium sized businesses that trade B2B to secure and retain larger orders, contracts and high value clients.


Confidence is the currency of business, many small and medium

sized organisations get passed by for larger value orders/contracts

simply because the client cannot justify, and many times rightly so,

putting so much at stake with a provider of such a limited size.

This can be one of the most frustrating things for business owners

as they know clearly well that they can deliver with better innovation

and value add than the big named competitor that ends up winning

the job.


Our work is focused on making the SME overcome the business

confidence barrier and be considered on equal footing with the largest

players in their market not for one business transaction, but for all time.


Organisations come to us when

How we work

Our client base is primarily in the North West,  this is deliberate as it enables us to provide a quality and flexible service.


  • We will work around the convenience of the client.

  • Knowledge transfer- the organisation will know much of what we know at the end of the intervention

  • Fixed all-inclusive fees, will be clear from the beginning, will not increase.

  • 100% Full money-back guarantee if certification is not achieved. (We have never had to pay out)

  • Ours is a  guaranteed, painless consulting process